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4 Ways o Prevent Your Wig from Frizzing

by Sherry Hunt

Human hair wigs are generally an expensive investment. If you need to wear one on a regular basis, you probably want it to look as nice as possible. However, just like natural hair, wigs need to be taken care of properly in order to keep them looking healthy and to prevent frizzing. Follow the five tips below and your wig should stay silky smooth.

Use Natural Products

When you apply products to your human hair wig, make sure that you use natural products. Your wig will not benefit from the natural follicle oils that generally keep human hair looking healthy and vibrant. You need to provide these natural oils through the products that you use on your wig. Try to choose products that contain at least one of the following oils:

  • coconut oil
  • castor oil
  • jojoba oil
  • avocado oil

In order to prevent your wig from drying out and looking frizzy, you should also avoid products that contain alcohol or isopropyl, which will dry out the hair.

Don't Overwash Your Wig; Less Is More

When it comes to washing your wig, less is definitely more. You don't need to wash your wig every other day like you would wash your natural hair because it will not accumulate oils in it on a daily basis from your scalp.

Since you can take your wig off at the end of the day and place it on a wig stand, the hair will also not get tangled up in your sleep and will not accumulate dander from the pillow and other bed linens.

Finally, you will not have to use products as frequently on your wig as you do with your natural hair. A large part of why you have to wash natural hair so frequently is because all the products you use build up in your hair, forcing you to wash it in order to keep it looking clean.

The bottom line is that your wig is not exposed to all the same contaminants that natural hair is, so you only need to wash your wig about once a month instead of several times a week.

Apply an Anti-Frizz Solution

After you wash your hair, spray an anti-frizz solution throughout your wig. Make sure to hold it back from your wig at least six inches; you want to mist your wig with the anti-frizz solution, not drench it. Too much anti-frizz solution will leave your wig looking frizz free, but it will also look greasy.

Keep Away from the Heat

Finally, to extend the life of your wig as long as possible, avoid heat. Since your wig is made of human hair, applying heat to the hair will cause the same damage that it does to natural hair, except no new hair is going to grow in to replace that damaged hair.

Let your wig air dry after you wash it. If you want to curl your wig, try out some foam rollers instead of using a curling iron. If you want to straighten your wig, apply the heat indirectly by keeping a towel or soft cloth in between your flat iron and your wig.

If you follow all of the human hair wig tips listed above, you should be able to keep your wig frizz free and looking great for a long time. When your wig does start to show signs of looking a little haggard, take it into a hair stylist, like one from the Eastern Hills Academy of Hair Design, and have them cut it. The hair may not grow back, but you'll be equipped with a cute new style to wear for months.