Starting My Career

Are You Interested In Going To Makeup Training School?

by Sherry Hunt

If you have decided that you want a career as an aesthetician, you will want certification, which requires that you attend makeup training school. Maybe you have savings that will pay for your tuition. Or, perhaps your parents are willing to pay for you to go to makeup training classes. If that's not the case, think of finding a school that will allow you to work, even if it's a part-time job. Your other option is to obtain financial aid. The makeup training school can help you with that process. 

The first sessions of makeup school will probably not involve hands-on training. Instead, you will probably feel like you're back in school. You'll be learning all about different types of skin. You'll learn the basics of proper skincare and the routines one should follow to have healthy skin.

In addition, you will learn different methods of makeup applications. Trained instructors will teach you about which makeup colors go with different skin tones. You'll learn the difference between a day look and a night look in cosmetics.

There will be focus on contouring, too. For instance, you will be taught about how to shape eyebrows, how to make the eyes look larger, how to define cheekbones, how to make lips look fuller, and even how to minimize dark circles under eyes. 

In class, you will watch video presentations that will help you to learn the skills you'll need when you do actual work on people. 

The time will come when you and the other students will be applying makeup on each other and even on customers. You more than likely won't get paid for that service, but you might be able to receive gratuities.

Of course, you will be carefully supervised as you do work on individuals. For instance, if you progress to the point where you take additional classes in microblading and other eyebrow treatments, your instructor will make sure that the job is done in a professional manner. The same goes if you proceed to permanent makeup application. You won't be allowed to work on customers by yourself until your instructor knows you are fully trained.

While you are in class, don't hesitate to ask questions or to have methods explained more fully. When other students ask questions, pay close attention to the answers that are given. Remember that the more you learn in class, the better you'll do while you are actually working. 

Finally, you will have to pass a test that will give you the certification you need. That might open new doors to things like classes in theater makeup and other advanced courses.