Starting My Career

Should You Go To Beauty School?

by Sherry Hunt

If you are thinking about making a career change, then there are thousands of possibilities available when it comes to the choice of career you choose to go into. One of the careers you may find yourself to be well-suited to may be cosmetology. If you are thinking about going to beauty school, then here are some things you should know: 

The benefits you will have

If you have always found pleasure in doing things like coloring hair, cutting hair, doing makeup, painting nails, and doing other beauty-related things, then you will likely love this type of career. It will allow you to get paid for doing the things you already find so much pleasure in doing for free. When you have a job that you truly enjoy, it won't even feel like you are going to work each morning when you leave. 

If you are someone who likes to schedule time off when you want, work the days that you want, and work for a specific amount of hours, then working in the beauty field may afford those things to you. One thing you do want to understand is that if you end up working for someone's shop, then they will be the person who sets your schedule. However, if you rent a chair in an establishment that allows you to set your own schedule, then you can set it for the times when you want to work. Also, if you own your own shop, then you can hire a manager to oversee the daily runnings of the shop, so you will be able to only come in when you choose to. Going to beauty school will prepare you so you will have the tools and knowledge needed to enjoy all of these things. 

The things you will learn in beauty school

When you go to beauty school, you will be taught how to cut hair. You will be given all the knowledge you need to know how to cut all kinds of styles. You will also learn how to color hair, and this includes bleaching it, weaving it, dying it, and even dying it multiple colors. You will also learn how to perm hair. Another thing that you are going to be taught when you go to beauty school is how to style hair. You will be taught these things on mannequins and wigs at first. Then, as you progress through the program you will begin to work on actual people so you will be prepared to enter into the business as soon as you are done with your schooling. 

You will also be taught other things when you go to beauty school on top of working with hair. You will be taught how to put on acrylic nails, as well as how to shape and polish them. Another thing you will learn is how to decorate them with other mediums besides nail polish. Your beauty school training will even teach you how to apply makeup.

Once you are done with beauty school, you will be ready to go to work doing some of your favorite activities, and you will be able to earn a nice living doing them.